Thursday 31 May 2018

AWS Cloud service makes a big impact on India's Cloud Growth

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Amazon was the first who predicted the future of cloud computing way ahead than other tech giants who are in the cloud computing business so hence this has given Amazon the added advantage in the cloud service space. AWS is dominating the cloud market because of the quarter earnings jumped expediently from 46 % in 4th Quarter 2017 compared to the final quarter of 2016. This exceeded their revenues from their other four closest competitors which is Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Alibaba.

At the AWS Summit in Mumbai 2018, Chandrashekhar Sanholkar, General Manager of Amazon Internet Services which is the India subsidiary of the Amazon Group explains how Amazon Web Service is driving India’s cloud growth story.

Sanholkar said that when they had launched AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region in June 2016 they had observed a drastic growth in the number of customers adopting AWS Cloud services. He said that AWS offers the opportunity for the Indian customers by helping their business deliver faster service and also enable them to keep the data locally so that it can fulfill any data authorization requirements. He said that they pride over the rapid growth of innovation that has taken over few years in Indian region and they are looking forward to further innovate on behalf of the customers. He also added that they have prominent local partners including HDFC Life Insurance, NDTV, Tata motors, Druva, and many more.

Many Startups and large enterprises are adopting AWS cloud services where at least 90 percent out of the 100 Indian startups use AWS. Sanholkar gave example as to how far the customers are using AWS services effectively whereas Practo connects 60 million patients to 200,000 doctors from 10000 hospitals and how uses Machine Learning and AL from Amazon Web Service to scrutinize 67 billion event records to make 4 million matches.

He also said that there are large enterprises that are also equally taking the opportunity of AWS cloud service to keep up with the fellow competitors that’s why there are many enterprises from different sectors building their infrastructure on AWS. HDFC Standard Life has built a digital platform from AWS which is called Atom where all the digital workloads are being put on the Amazon Web Service. There are also other customers like Bajaj Capital and Bajaj Finance. Aditya Birla Capital a non-banking finance also putting their entire workloads on AWS. There is also Tata Motors and Titan Industries that have migrated their digital properties and business on AWS by doing some interesting stuff with IoT and Telemetry. He added that the list is endless and it will grow continuously.

Amazon Web Service is the first global cloud service that has been enlisted for delivering Public Cloud Service to the government customer in India. Cloud Service has become general in the Indian IT department where many sectors and enterprises are comfortable adopting AWS Cloud service with the aim of going through a digital transformation. Security threats are increasingly overwhelming thus it has made companies and organization vigilant over their next IT step which has made them choose AWS because of its superior security.

Amazon Web Service has a strong partner network with thousands of partner all around the world. Recently AWS has added over 10000 new partners to the APN where at least 60 percent of the APN partners are headquartered outside the United States. India’s has 5 PoPs in a different region and four AWS Direct Connect locations. This shows that India is growing stronger with the rising customer and partner base.

No doubt Amazon Web Service is making their mark in India with expedient Cloud Service offerings. AWS is looking forward to continuously invest in the India market because they are convinced of India’s strong growth potential. 

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