Wednesday 16 May 2018

Amazon will make it easier for the customer to put their services on blockchain with a new partnership


Amazon Web Services is making it easier for the customers to use the blockchain with a new partnership with a start-up company. AWS will team up with the new start-up called Kaleido which is originally known as Consensys. AWS customers will get easy access to the same technology which also supports bitcoin. 

Founder of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny said that customers can focus on their current scenario and now worry about becoming PhDs in cryptography instead they will provide them the simple platform to build their company on the blockchain. 

The blockchain is a technology that records the transaction on distributed, public ledger which eliminates the involvement of the third party. It is considered as a faster and more secure technology by many. AWS said that introducing Kaleido to the customer is going to help the customer to get their work done faster and not let them worry about managing blockchain all by themselves. Blockchain SaaS solution will be available on the AWS Marketplace which will help the customers quickly advance their blockchain projects.

Amazon Web Service is subsidiary of Amazon company that provides a paid subscription for Cloud computing services to customers, companies, and governments. AWS is a using partnership strategy instead of building service from the ground up. Steve Cerveny said in an interview that AWS was looking for a partner to help get blockchain into the AWS customers hands. They are putting in the AWS marketplace which will encourage their customers to use it directly from the AWS portal.

Founder of Ethereum blockchain platform, Joseph Lubin said that AWS made the biggest move in getting into the blockchain solutions. He said that it is a heavy duty full stack way of getting a company into the blockchain technology solutions. It can help the Amazon over expand their business by using supply chain as an example. He also added that Consensys which has more than 50 blockchain project has observed a great demand around this technology. Lubin said that three years ago they used to get calls from companies who didn't have much idea about this technology but at this point now many know about this technology and using this to leverage their business.

Facebook and Microsoft are other tech giants who are also trying to explore the use case for blockchain. Facebook had announced last week had announced that they are going through a reorganization which will include the use of blockchain technology and also aims to address the privacy concerns. HSBC, IBM, Deloitte, Accenture and JB Morgan are also other corporate companies that are working on blockchain technology. 

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