Wednesday 16 May 2018

Amazon GameLift will target tracking for autoscaling

The newly introduced Amazon GameLift will provide quick deployment, scaling and managing all the dedicated game servers at lower costs within the cloud as well as delivering low-latency for multiplayer gaming experience globally. With gamers typically utilizing just 50% of their peak server capacity on an average basis, GameLift will reduce the wasted time, capacity and costs by automatically turning off the game servers while they remain unused and also add new ones when additional players arrive. With the introduction of Target Tracking, a new autoscaling option has been added to obtain the best performance easily without the need for any complex rules. Amazon GameLift Target Tracking will remove any need for creation of complex rules and improve the optimization of the server capacity by simply setting a steady percentage target for any available gaming sessions. It adjusts to any fluctuations in the load patterns and also minimizes rapid fluctuations in capacity.

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