Wednesday 25 April 2018

Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility has now added support for Fast Database Cloning

cloning database

Amazon Aurora with the PostgreSQL compatibility users can now build efficient, quick database clones. Cloning is a very essential element for varieties of purposes such as database updates, analytical queries, application development and testing. MySQL compatible edition Fast Database Cloning was announced in August 2017. In just a few minutes the entire multi-terabyte database clusters can be cloned which revamp your software development, make analytics more accurate and upgrade projects. 

Amazon Aurora Database can be cloned with just a few clicks in Relational Database Service Management console without influencing the production environment. The clone will be replicated and distributed in 3 different availability zones. Multiple clones can be created of the same database and even clones can be cloned. Database Cloning can be utilized in many use cases and most importantly it can be used where you don’t want any impact on the production environment. 

There is no storage charge incurred for cloning operation so you can now create database copies as many as you want and just pay for the instance hours utilized. For the additional storage space that you use, will be only charged. 

Amazon Aurora offers high availability and performance of the high-end commercial databases with the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of the open source databases. 

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