Tuesday 6 March 2018

Three new Products for Managed Rules on Amazon Web Services Web Application Firewall

Amazon Web Services has announced three new managed rule products on AWS Web Application Firewall from F5 Networks. With this new launch, AWS has now had Six Sellers which is Imperva, Fortinet, Trend Micro, F5 Networks, Alert Logic, and Trust Wave with the 14 managed rule products that can subscribe via AWS MarketPlace or from AWS Web Application Firewall Console. The 3 new products offered by the F5 Network protect you from the broad range of malicious bot activities such as the vulnerability web scrappers, forum spam tools, scanners and DDoS tools. It also protects the user from Vulnerabilities and exposures and webs attack that is part of the OSWASP Top 10 such as XSS, NO-SQLi injection, SQLi, command injection, path traversal and predictable resources. 

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