Saturday 24 March 2018

AWS Elemental MediaTailor now adds support for Amazon CloudWatch Metrics and Video Player AD Interface Definition standard

Amazon Web Services Elemental MediaTailor has now added support for Video Player-Ad Interface Definition standard. Video Player-Ad Interface Definition standard enables video publishers to collect viewing metrics from the monetized streams and deliver highly interactive video ads. 

AWS Elemental MediaTailor can be utilized to provide a combination of server-side stitched linear ads by using the VAST standard and the client side inserted interactive adds by utilizing the Video Player AD Interface Definition standard in the same stream. AWS Elemental Media Tailor now also supports the CloudWatch Metrics. You can use the Amazon CloudWatch in addition to the CloudWatch debugging logs to build the alarms and dashboards for key metrics which is related to monetization and stability of video streams. These metrics include Manifest Errors, Fill Rate, Origin Errors, Ad Server Error Rate and others. 

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a monetization service and content personalization that enables customers to serve video with the targeted ads to viewers while maintaining the broadcast quality of service in the multiscreen video applications. This service functions as a part of the Amazon Web Services Media Services or its functions independently. AWS Media Services is a collection of services that form the foundation of the cloud-based video workflows and delivers the capabilities that you need to deliver, package and create a streaming video. 

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