Friday 16 February 2018

Splunk - Amazon Web Services Serverless Applications

AWS Splunk

Amazon Web Services has announced AWS Serverless Application Repository that will allow AWS customers to deploy, publish and discover serverless applications for stream processing, data processing, Internet of things device data telemetry and much more. A Serverless application follows the AWS Serverless Application Model format which is an AWS CloudFormation Template that packages all the resources that will be required by the customer to deploy a serverless architecture.

Splunk is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with the Amazon Web Services Competencies in Security, Education, Big Data, DevOps, Education and Government IoT. Splunk software and cloud services help the customers with the business insights, prevent fraud, reduce cost, mitigate cybersecurity risk and improve service. The Splunk AWS Serverless Applications is available via the Amazon Lambda console and it enables the customers to consume TBs of data into Splunk. As a Lambda blueprint launch partner in 2015 Splunk has released two blueprints till now. As the demand for Serverless adoption has increased Splunk has added more purpose-built blueprints that are established on customer requests for different data sources.

Splunk Lambda BluePrints:-

Splunk collaboration with Amazon Web Services has included six of its existing Splunk Lambda blueprints in the Splunk Serverless Application which is available in the Serverless application Repository.

Splunk Logging: From the AWS Lambda the log events can be transitioned to Splunk’s HTTP event collector.

Splunk DynamoDB stream processor: You can now stream the Amazon DynamoDB events into the Splunk’s HTTP collector.

Splunk Elastic Load Balancer application access logs processor: You can Stream Application Load Balancer access logs to Splunk’s HTTP event collector from Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Splunk Elastic Load Balancer classic access logs processor: You can Stream Classic Balancer access logs to Splunk’s HTTP event collector from Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Splunk IOT Processor: You can now stream AWS IoT Core events to Splunk’s HTTP event collector.

Splunk Kinesis Stream Processor: Events from Amazon Kinesis Video can be streamed to Splunk’s HTTP event collector.

You can sign up for a private preview to get access to the AWS Serverless Application Repository. In AWS Lambda console when you are building a new function you can choose Serverless Application Repository and search for Splunk for multiple purpose-built in Serverless applications.

Splunk Serverless apps that are open-sourced to get better insights including the AWS Serverless Application Model. Splunk AWS Serverless Application enables the customers to benefit from the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and scalability of serverless computing. This will help to aggregate, prioritize and trace the data by exploring the data insights tool which was jointly built by Splunk and AWS Marketplace.

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