Saturday 17 February 2018

BuckHacker Search Tool enables users to navigate through unsecure Amazon Web Services buckets

BuckHacker Search Tool is developed by the White Hat Hackers that has been launched to allow anyone to search for any unsecured data stored on the Amazon Web Services Servers. The Buckhacker plugin builds a Google-like search engine that will navigate through the AWS servers knows as buckets so that they can find data that potentially host sensitive or misconfigured data that is left exposed to the Internet. There are many companies who have failed to follow certain security protocols. 

With increasing rate of data leaks over the past years, the top companies are storing customers and the client’s data on the AWS servers without the password protection. This can lead the customer’s data to be accessed by anyone with the bucket address. Buckhacker is trying to make the process faster which will allow the users to search the AWS listings by using the file name or the bucket that could be associated with the company. They are in fact trying to create awareness among the public concerning about their data security instead of aiding the hackers. 

The BuckHacker Search tool developer said that it is designed so that it can gather results and store them in the database for other users to can view this information. BuckerPlugin wasn’t the first tool that helps to find vulnerabilities in the bucket security there is also AWSBucketDump was launched to allow the user to search leaky AWS buckets but Bluehacker is much more user-friendly to use. 

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