Tuesday 2 January 2018

You can now send real time Analytics from Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics to AWS Lambda

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Application can now be configured to send real-time analytics to the Amazon Web Service Lambda. AWS Lambda is based on the processed data from the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics can now take actions like updating the Amazon DynamoDB or the Aurora Database, invoke custom API or send real-time notification using the Amazon Simple Queue Service or Amazon Simple Notification Service. 

You have to first choose an AWS Lambda function from the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics application destination page in the Amazon Web Service Management Console. Kinesis Data Analytics offers Lambda blueprints for two frequent cases that are sending a Simple Notification Service notification and updating the DynamoDB table. Blueprints can be utilized with few alteration or you can write your own customized functions. 

Kinesis Data Analytics is the convenient way to operate streaming data in real time with the standard Structure Query Language without any need to learn new processing frameworks or new programming languages. Amazon Kinesis Analytics allows you to create streaming application or query the streaming data utilizing SQL so that you will receive actionable response and insights to the business and the customer need on time.

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