Friday 29 December 2017

Amazon Workspaces now supports configuration of the storage and you can now switch between the Hardware Bundles with simple reboot

Amazon Workspace now making two features available which can simplify storage and you can easily switch between the hardware bundles. The users can now configure the storage of the Amazon Workspace as to how must storage it should get while you are launching them and you can also increase the storage for operating Workspace at any time. The hardware bundle can now be changed that the Amazon Workspace is operating on with just a simple reboot. You can move to the powerful bundle for a resourceful inclusive application or you can also select less powerful bundle for cost-effective means with all your applications, storage, and data stays the same. Amazon Workspace with the latest feature now delivers additional flexibility to support the various needs of the end users and at the same helping you to optimize the cost.

The feature of configurable storage lets you choose the root and user volume sizes when the Amazon Workspace is launched and then you can also increase the volume as you need with a limit of 1000 GB. All the data is secured and you can utilize the Amazon Workspace when the volume increased in size. But the volume sizes cannot be reduced when the Amazon Workspace is launched so that to ensure that the data is preserved.

The Hardware bundle switching feature you can now switch between the Performance, Value, Power or Standard hardware bundles as needed. You don’t have delete Workspace to create a new one and the storage configuration is preserved even when the configured storage utilizing the configurable storage feature. This feature is available in all the Amazon Web Service Region where the Amazon Workspace is available.

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