Monday 18 December 2017

Amazon Web Service Serverless Application Repository offers simplified management and Deployment

AWS Serverless Respository

Serverless Applications is widely known than it was expected to be because of its robust features and functions. The users of the AWS Lambda love the scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of this model with countless numbers of fix-ups and features are been added to it almost every day. Amazon Web Service is observing the need of the customer by trying to make the experiences more simplified and easy usability. Thus AWS introduced Serverless Application Model to make the process of deployment and managing the serverless application on the Amazon Web Service more Simplified. There are also many published serverless reference architectures for image moderation for chatbots, web apps, real-time stream processing, mobile backends, MapReduce, Image Recognition and Processing, IoT, and real-time file processing. 

Now Amazon Web Service wants to make it more convenient as possible for the AWS customer to deploy and discover serverless applications. AWS wants to enhance the Open Source Community that is among the Serverless apps, SAM and Lambda so that everyone can participate, share and benefit. 

AWS Serverless Applications

Amazon Web Service Serverless Application Repository:-

AWS Serverless Application Repository is designed for consumers and producers of Serverless application this AWS Console component supports deployment, publishing, and discovery. Produces, AWS Partners, SaaS Providers, ISVs and Developers can now conveniently publish to the Repository. The Application should be in Serverless Application Model Format that is accompanied by the SPDX license identifier with options to share privately or globally. Source Code and other applications element can be stored in the GitHub or another source repository. 


If Serverless Application Model is already in used to build serverless application then now AWS is accepting the contribution. Serverless Application Model enables you to define the Amazon API Gateway API, AWS Lambda Functions and Amazon DynamoDB tables that are triggered by the uploads to S3 and API actions. The Serverless Application can utilize the third-party libraries as long as they are available under the open source license that is approved by the Open Source Initiative. The users will be able to utilize the resource-based IAM policies to control and manage the access to the application so that you can keep it private by granting cross-account access to selective people or you can make it public. 


The consumers can find and start utilizing the application from the Amazon Lambda Console. You can also check the status of each application in the Lambda console. All of this functions and features can be accessed from the Amazon Web Service Management Console, Rich Set of APIs and AWS Command Line Interface. 

AWS Consumers

The Amazon Web Service Application Repository is now available in Preview where you can publish and deploy the application in the Serverless Application Repository. Serverless Application Repository can be utilized to publish and deploy applications and you can share it with a team or the community by publishing it to the Amazon Web Service Serverless Repository.  

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