Wednesday 20 December 2017

Amazon Web Service Marketplace now adds improved product detail pages

Amazon Web Service Marketplace is a managed digital catalog that has over 4200 software listing from which is more than the 1280 software sellers. AWS Marketplace has now introduced an improved product detail page for Amazon Machine Images based products. Customer will be able to easily navigate, improved clarity and readability with this new product page design. 

The customer will be able to see new design components include a short section that will feature new visual element and a header with navigational shortcuts. The new product detail page includes information boxes with hyperlink collections, pricing estimators and vendor recommendations. 

The Amazon Web Service Customers can now enjoy the benefits of a wide selection of product on all Amazon Web Service Marketplace that will easily be able to find information for usage, research, and comparison of each product. The customers can quickly search relevant information, frequently check what product information is available and understand product pricing while at the same time software sellers get the tools to excellently present the description and details of the products to the customers. The existing Amazon Web Service Marketplace sellers can view the new product detail page for any Amazon Machine Image product also including those deployed utilizing the Amazon Web Service CloudFormation Templates. 

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