Saturday 30 December 2017

Amazon Web Service Direct Connect is now available in Minneapolis, Bangalore and MN

Amazon Web Service Direct Connect is now based in two new cities Minneapolis, Bangalore, and MN, India. AWS Direct Connect is enabled with Global access where these sites can scope Amazon Web Service Resources in any Global Amazon Web Service Region. In the United States, Cologix MIN3, Minneapolis that gains the total Amazon Web Service Direct Connect sites in the country to 30. In the Amazon Web Service Management Console, Minneapolis will be under the home region of the United States East (Ohio). 

In India, the Net Magic DC2 Bangalore is the third city after Chennai and Mumbai for Amazon Web Service Direct Connect and it is in under the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region. The users can now organize a dedicated network connection from their platform to Amazon Web Service. As with any Amazon Web Service Direct Connect site, these sites adapt to the standard resiliency model that consists two customer covering devices per location that enables customers to based locally resilient connectivity and superfluous connectivity to the Amazon Backbone network. 

By utilizing the Amazon Web Service Direct Connect you can launch a private connectivity between the Amazon Web Service and the office, collocation environment, and datacenter which can ultimately decrease the network costs and thus you can increase the bandwidth throughput which delivers a more constant network experience than Internet-based connections. The connections are always made to the specific Direct Connect Location and you can operate at either 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps or you can work with the partner to connect at speed for less than 1 Gbps. 

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