Friday 29 December 2017

Amazon Elastic Container Service Scheduler now supports Circuit Breaking Logic

Amazon Elastic Container Service Scheduler now supports the Logic that checks how often the task is restarted if the regularly fail to launch. Earlier if any task had issues in the ECS image, network configuration, task definition that they could fail to become healthy when restarted by the Amazon Elastic Container Service scheduler. If there are frequent restarts the attempts by the Service Scheduler that could lead to the overall application performance degradation and obtain cost. Amazon Elastic Container Service scheduler now consist logics that examines for a task that continuously fails to become healthy after instantiation that increases the time between restart attempts that will ultimately stop the deployment and it also adds an event to the Amazon Elastic Container Service event messages so that the users can take corrective actions. It only works for the task that utilizes both the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute and Amazon Web Service Fargate. 

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