Wednesday 22 November 2017

ART of using Amazon Web Services

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ART of USING AWS at Scale

  1. 1. Art of Using AWS at Scale
  2. 2. Business Reality Approaches to Scaling Scaling on AWS Case Study
  3. 3. Business Reality ON & OFF Workloads Constantly Growing Workloads Predictable Workloads Unpredictable Bursting Workloads
  4. 4. Business Reality
  5. 5. Scale Cube X - Axis Horizontal Duplication Y - Axis Functional Decomposition Z - Axis Data Partitioning
  6. 6. Approaches to Scaling Vertical Scaling Horizontal Scaling Scaling Methodologies
  7. 7. Scaling On AWS
  8. 8. Traditional Architecture Compute Storage Database Network
  9. 9. Traditional Architecture
  10. 10. Next Generation Architecture Bare Metal ---> Infrastructure ---> Serverless Monolithic ---> Architecture ---> Microservices
  11. 11. Next Generation Architecture
  12. 12. Next Generation Architecture
  13. 13. Case Study
  14. 14. India’s leading Automobile Portal
  15. 15. India’s leading Automobile Portal
  16. 16. India’s leading Automobile Portal
  17. 17. India’s leading Automobile Portal - AWS Services Used Amazon EC2 AMI Scaling Elastic Load Balancing AWS Lambda Amazon VPC Elastic IP address Amazon Glacier Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS Amazon Route 53 Amazon CloudWatch AWS CloudTrail AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Certificate Manager IAM AWS WAF AWS Shield Amazon Kinesis Amazon API Gateway Amazon SES Amazon SNS
  18. 18. India’s leading Automobile Portal - Architecture Diagram
  19. 19. How do I leverage AWS effectively? Outsource it to professionals. Leave it to the Experts, we will handle it!
  20. 20. - Hostin Services Private Limited ❏ AWS Consulting Partner ❏ AWS Commercial Reseller ❏ AWS CDN VAR ❏ Managed Service Provider ❏ 24x7x365 NOC with Proactive Monitoring ❏ Team of AWS Certified Expert Professionals
  21. 21. Our Offerings Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Cloud Architecture Design Cloud Migration Cloud Optimization & Billing Managed AWS Cloud Cloud Automation & Devops CDN Custom Pricing Contracts
  22. 22. Our Managed Services Delivery Platform
  23. 23. Customer Testimonial
  24. 24. THANK YOU Simplify your journey through the cloud

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