Wednesday 22 November 2017

CRMNEXT is a first AWS partner to support Amazon Connect in India

Amazon Connect

CRMNEXT is a provider of Customer Relationship Management in the Financial Services globally that is among the first Amazon Web Service Partners to support the Amazon Connect in India. As CRMNEXT is an AWS Partner Network it aims in helping back to extend the utilization of intelligent assistants and to also develop the overall customer experience while interacting with the bank by telecommunication which will be done via a new cloud-based contact center service from the Amazon  Web Service.

Hitesh Arora, Director Strategy from CRMNEXT said that they are proud to be Amazon’s first AWS Partner Network so that they deliver an integrated CRM with Amazon Connect Capability in India. By doing this they are set to improve the CRM to a new level by upgrading to an efficient platform. With Amazon Connect, Customer Relation Management will provide high performance by reducing the waiting times and the call handling times of the call centers with the virtual assistants that are capable of having personalized and intelligent conversation with the customers.

Amazon Connect is based on the Amazon’s own customer service system that will enable companies to configure and manage innovative cloud supported customer service center a world-class experience. Those companies who will migrate their contact center to the cloud by using the CRMNEXT platform will be able to get aid from the Amazon Connect’s quality assurance service. It is observed that more than one billion bank customers and 3 quarters of the million bankers are supported on the CRMNEXT platform. Banks and Customers will receive completely new, faster and easiest way to build an interactive platform where the customer’s call waiting time will reduce intensely as 70% of the queries will be solved by communicating with a virtual assistant. This will ultimately reduce the customer service cost for banks which is a huge added advantage.

AWS Connect

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is a Cloud-based Contact Center Service that makes it convenient for the business to offer improved customer service at a lower cost. It is Self Service platform that is based on the similar contact center technology that is utilized by the Amazon customer service associates around the world to deliver excellent customer conversations. In Amazon Connect the Graphical interface makes it convenient for the non-technical users to design the contact flows, track performance metrics and manage agents which don't need any certification or skills to do use this function. With Amazon Connect there is no upfront payments, no infrastructure to manage or long-term commitments where the customers have to pay for the minute for the Amazon Connect usage with any associated telecommunications services. It is easy to set and manage with only a few clicks. Amazon Connect is highly scalable and elastic because there is no infrastructure to manage. The great thing about this service is that it is very cost-effective where the customers only have to pay for the usage because there is no monthly subscription fee.

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