Tuesday 28 November 2017

Amazon Web Service Elemental MediaLive is now available

Amazon Web Service Elemental Media Live is a Live Video Broadcasting Service that allows People who develop videos to encode High-Quality Live video stream for broadcasting multiscreen and television devices. AWS Elemental MediaLive does all the heavy operation behind the scenes for service orchestration, resiliency failover, resource provisioning, reporting, scaling, monitoring and healing. The Users can broadcast live channels in minutes with resources that automatically scale up and scale down on the basis of number and load of channels. To finish the same similar task it takes on-premise solutions that requires procurement, provisioning, procurement, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, testing and set up that can take weeks and months or sometimes even years before going into production. The channel based pay-as-you-go service that makes process convenient and simple such as operational complexity, minimizes financial risk and cost efficiency. AWS Elemental MediaLive allows customers to generate flexible 24/7 live video workflows or provision event based live streams with full control over the encoding parameters by utilising the best of breed service with support for CDNs and standard video players. 

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