Monday 27 November 2017

Amazon Relational Database Service supports faster Scaling for PostgreSQL Engines, MySQL, Oracle and MariaDB and also supports Database Storage Size upto 16TB

AWS has announced that the users can now create Amazon Relation Database Service Database instances for Oracle, Maria DB, PostgreSQL and MySQL database engines with storage size up to 16TB of storage. The Existing Database instances that are available can also be scaled up to 16TB storage without any downtime. The new storage size is supported for General Purpose SSD storage types and Provisioned IOPS storage types and has an increase in storage limit from 6TB. It can also be provision up to 40000 IOPS for Provisioned IOPS storage volumes compare to the earlier storage volume of 30000 IOPS. Larger Transactional Databases and Data Warehouses benefits from the larger 16TB storage size without any need of sharding on various multiple database instances. 

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