Thursday 5 October 2017

You can now set up Amazon Kinesis Analytics to find out the schema of Amazon S3 object

Amazon Kinesis Analytics Applications can be configured to automatically discover the schema of the Amazon S3 object. With this new feature, you can ascertain the schema for the streaming application by defining sample data stored in Amazon S3. 

Amazon Kinesis Analytics ascertains the data types, column names, and position of the data elements in the sample. With this new feature, you specify the schema prior to the sending records to the Kinesis Firehose or the Kinesis Streams. This, in fact, generates the current functionality which ascertains the schema based on the sample of the records from the data stream. 

Amazon Kinesis Analytics is very convenient to operate the streaming data at a real time with the standard SQL without any necessity to learn new programming languages or processing frameworks. Amazon Kinesis Analytics allows you to query streaming data or create entire streaming applications using the SQL so that the customers can gain the actionable in-depth knowledge and respond to the business and customer needs timely. 

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