Monday 23 October 2017

The New Amazon Quick Sight now adds support for Row-level security and Combo Charts

The Amazon QuickSight users can now add the Combo charts to their dashboards and analysis. The Combo Charts are utilized for visualizing the data of the different scales such as the units sold and the product revenue in a single visualization. The data can be visualized as a bar of lines with two axes that display the separate scales for each. The combo charts are available in both Enterprise Editions and Standard in Amazon QuickSight. Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition has also added support for Row Level Security. The Row Level Security allows QuickSight data set owners to control the access to data at row granularity based on the permission associated with the user getting acquainted with the data. With Row Level Security, The Amazon QuickSight users need to only manage the single set of data and implement the appropriate row-level data rules. All the linked analyses and dashboards to administer the rule by simplifying the dataset management and eradicating the necessity to manage multiple datasets for the users with different data access privileges. 

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