Wednesday 25 October 2017

Amazon Web Service Pinpoint can now respond to the end users because of the launch of the Two-Way Text Messaging

Amazon Pinpoint launched Two-Way Text Messaging where the users can now programmatically reply to the end users text messages. Users can provide both long code and short code which send inbound messages to the SNS topic.

1.    First, navigate to the PinPoint console where you have to click on the “Enter name for Mobile Hub” button on the right at the top.
2.    After entering the name you will get another window pane where you have to configure as to what engagement features you will like to enable.
3.    Click on the messaging icon and then you will be followed to another icon asking which messaging channels you want to be on so here you have to click on the SMS icon and enable SMS Messaging.
4.    Now you can scroll down and hit the button where you can integrate Messaging and Analytics with the Mobile app.

After enabling the messaging settings you now have to go to the Pinpoint Console and click the account settings at the button on the right at the top. On the same page, there is a Number Settings section at the bottom of the Account Settings page. If you don’t have any long code or short code provisioned then you have to open a support ticket to request a short or long code. Well, it may take multiple weeks for short code to be approved but on the other hand long code are easier to get provisioned.

As I will assume now that you have the code, I will show you the next steps. Once you have clicked on the number settings, you then have to click on the codes whichever it might be either a long code or short code which will bring you to the number’s configuration page. Enable the 2 way SMS and generate SNS topic for messages. You can also generate a quick Lambda function to send a notification on the SNS topic messages and can then reply again with pinpoint.

Amazon Pinpoint is a fully featured and it is not only limited to the simple message type. With Pinpoint, you can determine rich messaging campaigns with various options available based on stored user data. You can easily engage with the customer by using the Amazon Pinpoint that will help you track the ways the customers interact with the applications. This information will help you to generate segments depending on the customer’s behaviors and attributes.

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