Tuesday 17 October 2017

Amazon Web Service in India is the trending technology and it is safe to say that cloud is the norm, says Bikram Bedi

Amazon Web Service Mumbai

Amazon Web Service in India is growing rapidly and has become the norm in the technology centre that is replacing traditional data centres into virtual data centre which is Cloud Computing. AWS is a Cloud Computing Service that provides excellent services that will increase the performance of the company and it is also very cost-effective.

Bikram Bedi, the head of India, Amazon Internet Service believes that in short period of time very few companies will stop using the traditional data centres and opt for Cloud Computing Services. He said that in the current market scenario is that there are many competitors who buy servers, hardware and storage but differentiation can be made by the way they are using the data. Now Amazon Web Service has various services to be offered that retain the customers strongly for a long period.

Amazon Web Service is also largely famous to be used on mobile and it opens many possibilities but at the end, it comes to this as to how the competitor uses the technology. Technology is a revolution and it is evolving every day. With this India is being introduced with many technologies and the most famous technology in India is the Internet. In India, there are 432 million Indian Internet users and in some years more 600 million is expected to come. In coming years there are going to be a lot of voice and images which will ultimately bring forth Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, natural language processing, Internet of Things and Machine learning in the game.

Bikram Bedi also gave an example of an Enterprise saving more on data centre via AWS where the SEW infrastructure found that Amazon Web Service is much more cheaper than their air conditioning bill of their own data centre. He also adds his own personal experience with AWS Mumbai Data Centre is that in the first nine months the number of the customers grew from 75000 to 120000. It is been estimated that 90 percent of the India top startup companies use the Amazon Web Service Computing Service.

The time when the AWS Mumbai data centre was launched, the number of the certification on AWS technologies in the first 9 months has increased to 129 percent. During the Period of January and June 2016 over 16000 people had attended the Amazon Web Service Skill sets training events. Even the number of people that have attended the courses has increased by 200 percent.

The Existing Customers of AWS are finding to put more workload on AWS cloud. This is a great advantage for the new customers who are looking forward to adapting AWS cloud. Direct connect is been launched in Mumbai where it was earlier in Singapore and Ireland which helps in pursuing a large business’s data centre up to Amazon’s Cloud in Mumbai. There are many enterprises who have adopted Amazon Web Service whereas Small and medium business segment, Supermax a large manufacturer of blades has applied SAP application on the Amazon Web Service and Brigade Group has put their S/4 HANA their business management software on the Amazon Web Service. There are 51 million Small and Medium business in India where all of these enterprises are adopting AWS for core workloads. Kent Ro, has applied Microsoft applications, Dynamic CRM on Amazon Web Service. Bajaj Finance, Axis Bank or Aditya Birla Finance and many more customers are migrating from the traditional data centre to the new digital businesses on AWS.

Looking at the current scenario at India’s scope and size it is become very essential to digital and when demonetization happens the digital becomes a huge demand and advantage. In Education and Healthcare, there is a desperate need to go digital because there is a number of people but we don’t have the appropriate facilities. Thus, Demonetisation and Digital India have spread the news that digital is the new improved way that we all Indians have to adopt. Manipal Group is one of the largest businesses in India and has gone to the online education space so they need to upload thousands of files thus they have moved on to AWS and their 70 of IT Infrastructure is on Amazon Web Service. People understand now that it is a waste of time and money to invest on large software packages and they can simply move to the AWS cloud which makes more sense. 

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