Thursday 12 October 2017

Amazon Relational Database Service instances provide instance size flexibility

Amazon Web Service announced enhancements to Amazon Relational Database Service Reserved Instances that will increase the flexibility and it will become more convenient to operate by making sure that you get the most of the RI discount. RIs provision option to reserve the database instance for one or three year term which in turn receiving a good discount compared to On-demand instance pricing. 

The Discounted rate of all the existing and new Relational Database Service RIs will automatically apply to any usage size in the DynamoB instance family utilizing the same database engine. The Reserved Instances rate also applies to the usage of both Multi-AZ and Single-AZ configuration for the same DB instance family and database engine. 

The discounted rate will be applied to the usage automatically which in turn reduces the management overhead trying to match Reserved Instances discounts to running DynamoB instances. Well, now as you are not tied to the defined DB instance size or the Multi-AZ configuration you can now enjoy the discount even if the database needs a change. 

Amazon Relational Database Service Reserved Instance size flexibility is available in all regions for the Amazon Aurora Database engines, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Maria DB as well as “bring your own license” (BYOL) edition of Oracle Database engine. 

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