Tuesday 10 October 2017

Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.11 available now with new features, improvements and fixes

Amazon Web Service has announced the availability of Amazon Lumberyard 1.11 Beta 1.11. They have made overall improvisation by introducing over 412 improvements, features and fixes; and also with this new release, there are two additional tools so that it can help the game team to build complex and high-quality gameplay with less engineering resources. Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.11 has also added new Amazon Web Service Integration so that the game developers can add speech recognition and text-to-speech to their game experiences.

Some are the highlights are as follows:-

1.    Emotion FX Animation:

The Animators can generate high-quality character animations in 10 minutes with no requirement of the engineering chops and can also use advanced functionality like state machines, motion extraction, blend trees, motion extraction and blendspaces.

2.    Script Canvas:

The Script Canvas allows the non-engineers to administer behaviours using drop and drag visual scripting while using the same framework as C++ and Lua.

3.    3 New Cloud Gems:

3 new Cloud Gems are providing developers the ability to conveniently record in-game surveys from the players; a text to speech gem that is authorized Amazon Polly to build lifelike speech as well as a gem to create conversational gameplay experiences and speech recognition by using Amazon Lex.

4.    AWS has also included a usability enhancement to the Asset Browser and Entity Outliner and they have also added a new toon shader for a cartoon like graphics. 

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