Saturday 16 September 2017

You can now deploy StorReduce on the Amazon Web Service cloud with the New QuickStart

With the new Quick Start, you can automatically deploy a performant, fault-tolerant and secure StorReduce cluster on the Amazon Web Service Cloud with the configuration of your choice. StorReduce is a Cloud duplication specialized solution for companies that utilize the object storage like Amazon S3 for large volumes of data. StorReduce lays between the applications and the object store that transparently performs the inline data duplication at ratios equalling to those industries with the best purpose build appliances while revealing the Amazon Simple Storage Service API. The Bandwidth and the storage requirements are decreased as by 30 times and the backup windows and the Data Transfer are decreased by the similar amount. The Amazon Web Service Cloud offers a suite of infrastructure services that allows to deploy the StorReduces in fault-tolerant, high availability, and an affordable way. 

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