Tuesday 12 September 2017

QuickStart can now create a data lake foundation on the Amazon Web Service Cloud with AWS Services

The new QuickStart can now set up a data lake foundation that incorporates Amazon Web Service Cloud Services such as the Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Elastic Search Service (Amazon ES), Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Redshift.

The Features that the Data Foundation provides are as follows:-

1.    You can publish into the Amazon Simple Storage Service for utilization of visualization tools and visualization with the Amazon Quicksight.

2.    You can index metadata in Amazon Elastic Search Service and then reveal the Kibana Dashboards.

3.    Dataset management can be done via Amazon Redshift Transformation and Kinesis Analytics.

4.     You can do data submission and also batch submission to the Amazon Simple Storage Service and can also stream submission via Amazon Kinesis Firehose.

5.    You can ingest processing which also includes metadata extraction, indexing via Amazon S3 events and data validation, Amazon Kinesis Analytics, Amazon SNS and AWS Lambda.
6.    Data transformation, analysis, and aggregation via Amazon Redshift Spectrum and Kinesis Analytics.

When the foundation is in its place then you can select the augment the data lake with the ISV and software as service tools. The Deployment consists of the optional wizard and a sample dataset that is uploaded in the Kinesis Streams and Amazon Red shift Cluster. The data lake wizard demonstrates the data lake abilities and functions as analytics, visualization, queries, search and transform. Amazon Web Service CloudFormation templates will automatically start the deployment process and offer customization options for the network resources and Amazon Web Service Resources. You can create a new VPC infrastructure that set up for high availability, security, and scalability or for utilizing existing Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure for the data lake foundation. 

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