Friday 22 September 2017

In the New Amazon Lex chatbox you can utilize built in slots for speed, weight and phone number

Amazon Web Service has announced a new additional feature for Amazon Lex Chatbox where now the AWS customers can now add built-in slots for phone numbers, weight and speed. Slot types change the user utterances into the data types such as dates and numbers. With this new update, you can conveniently and quickly define slots of the particular slot type in the Amazon Lex chatbox to authentic resolve user responses to the slot values. The phone slot type it will enable to record phone numbers defined in any of the commonly used formats in the US. The weight and speed allow the resolution to the appropriate unit. Addition to these new slot types it can be further expanded to the Amazon Lex built-in library collecting the total number of available built-in slot types to 96 which simplifies the process of creating a bot. 

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