Friday 15 September 2017

Amazon Aurora supports Database Activity that monitors with CloudWatch Logs

You can now send recorded events in Amazon Aurora Audit Logs to Amazon CloudWatch logs. The Audit logs consist of the events such as the user information, database logins, impacted table and details of queries executed. With such events recorded in the CloudWatch logs, you can build Amazon CloudWatch Metrics and alarms to regularly monitor the activity in the Aurora Database. You can characterize the metrics for Data Manipulation Language (DML) queries that is performed on set up alarms and on the critical tables. The Alarms will notify you whenever there is an undesired change are done to the tables. You can also make Dashboards and graphs with Amazon CloudWatch to envision the activity in the database, identify issues at the glance and detect the patterns. You can also perform the ad hoc searches on the Audit logs utilizing the CloudWatch Logs. This ability is useful especially when you want to solve the issues or perform analysis on the Audit Logs. Amazon CloudWatch logs offer a highly durable archival destination for Amazon Aurora Audit logs. 

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