Tuesday 22 August 2017

You can now receive alerts on AWS Budgets to monitor account

Amazon Web Service Budget has come with a new feature to let customers keep a customized budget and also receive alerts about their cost or usage if exceeds or the possibility of exceeding their budgeted account. Amazon Customers can now receive alerts and monitor their Reserved Instance (“RI”) when the expected budget and utilization are exceeding their limits.

Reserved Instance Utilization monitors the percentage of purchased Reserved Instance hours there were utilized by the matching instances. This can be measured on a daily, quarterly, Monthly or yearly basis. For example, Amazon customers can measure their budget and monitor Reserved Utilization at a large level with a monthly utilization of the customers or at the smaller sum level which is the daily utilization of m4.large instances that runs on the Linux Operating System at the specified Region.

So Amazon Customers can now determine up to five notifications per budget and each and every notification can be sent to ten email subscriber and can advertise to the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) according to the topic of their choice. Reserved Instance Utilization alerts now only support Amazon EC2. 

If you want to get started with the Reserved Utilization alerting access the AWS Budget Dashboard or Search AWS Budgets Web page.

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