Monday, 28 August 2017

You can easily share content on Amazon Workdocs by simply using the share a link

Amazon WorkDocs has made it convenient for the Amazon Customers to easily share the content with anyone by simply using the Share a Link. Click on the Share a Link on the Drop-Down Menu in the web client to share. With the new update, you share content by just emailing the link or by embedding the link to the webpage or the document. The link that you have shared on the Amazon WorkDocs can be made public or the access can be restricted to the AmazonDocs Site and you can keep a four digit password or expiration to the link or you can also disable at any time. The link can be viewed on the Amazon WorkDocs Activity Feed. The Site administrators control so that they can disable all the current public at any time and can also limit the users to create the links. In Amazon WorkDocs the Feature of Share a Link is available in all the AWS Regions where Amazon WorkDocs is available. 

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