Monday 21 August 2017

Virtual Private Endpoints for Amazon DynamoDB is now available

Virtual Endpoints for DynamoDB allows all the network traffic between AWS DynamoDB and AWS Virtual Private Cloud to remain with the Amazon Web Service Cloud instead of transferring it to the public internet. Amazon DynamoDB provides data security and protection using the TLS endpoints for the encryption in transit, a fine grained access control, and a client side encryption library by using the Amazon Web Service Identity and Access Management (IAM) that provisions control at the attributes and item level. 

Virtual Private Cloud Endpoints for Amazon DynamoDB increases the efficiency of the privacy and the security most importantly for applications with the strict audit and compliance requirements or especially that handles sensitive data. Using VPC for DynamoDB is very easy and convenient because there is no additional cost applied with normal charges applied for NAT gateway access. You will not need Internet Gateway and NAT gateway that make sure that the VPC stays closed and away from the public internet. It provides a simplified network configuration where don't need to put any firewall. 

IAM Policies allow DynamoDB access via the VPC endpoints from the corporate network from the specific applications. Amazon VPC endpoints for AWS DynamoDB is available in all the public AWS Regions.

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