Monday, 14 August 2017

AWS customers data can now be deployed into the Amazon Web Services GovCloud (US) Region

Amazon Web Services Marketplace has made it possible for the customers to subscribe and discover the software that will support the day to day workloads from the Amazon Web Service Marketplace to Amazon Web Service GovCloud (US). 

Amazon Web Service GovCloud (US) is been made to be a confidential Amazon Web Service region so the customers who have the U.S federal, state and local government data can store sensitive data and regulate workloads in the Amazon Web Service cloud. 

The pricing level in Amazon Web Service Marketplace is simple with a variety of pricing models which consist of pay-as-you-go monthly and annual subscriptions terms. There are many products in Amazon Web Service that offer free trial which allow the Government Clouds to understand the value of the product and then buy. 

Amazon Web Service Government Cloud is now supported by Amazon Web Service of Bring Your Own License feature that can be easily to migrate and centralize existing software applications and license.

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