Tuesday 1 August 2017

Amazon Web Services is offering three new AWS Special Training Courses

Amazon Web Services Training provides special courses from the experts with the advanced technical knowledge with the practical skills and can get more from AWS Cloud. Amazon Web Services announced that they are offering three new popular training boot camps are going to be the permanent instructor led training.

The three new training that is offered by AWS is as follows:-

It is a one-day boot camp which is designed at an advanced level to teach the candidates on how to design, operate and build a server less data lake solution with Amazon Web Services. The topics that will be included such as storing that data safe and enduring, ingesting data from any data source at large scale, understanding the options available for examining the data in real time and It can also authorize the ability to use the right tool to process the larger volumes of data.

In this training curriculum, you will learn how to build the right strategy, migration plan, financial management and people while moving the workloads to the cloud. Training will help you to choose the right people for hire who will execute the plan perfectly and also learn on how to build a comprehensive cloud adoption plan. You will also learn on how to manage the expenses and how to deal with internal charge backs.

In this training course, you will learn how to manage scale container authorized applications by using Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS). You will get guidance on how to create and use Amazon ECS to deploy and develop containerized micro services-based applications.

The Boot camps that is conducted by the Amazon Web Services will be providing high level advanced teaching guidance that will help you gain greater skills in AWS Cloud Computing. As the AWS Cloud Computing Services growth are increasing day by day it is also creating opportunities for many people to explore and also gain the opportunities to develop their skills in Cloud Computing Industry.

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