Monday 14 August 2017

Amazon Web Services have proved that why standard lead the Technology Platforms

Amazon Web Services is an accomplished member of the container standards body of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation which represents a compelling milestone. As Google, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat and many other companies that are providing cloud computing services matters in this space, Amazon Web Services have learned that when it comes to container management system, the standards matter.

Amazon Web Services is doing very well in rendering Cloud Computing Services and being that big in the market it can afford to go their own way at any time. But that isn’t the case with the Container management tool which belongs to Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open source container management tool which is developed inside Google.

Amazon Web Service became agile in knowing that Kubernetes is an industry standard itself and the cost analysis source is going open. This makes AWS realize that the battle is already been fought and won. When Amazon knew that Google is in dominance with container management system they tried their next step by joining CNCF to comply with the container standards that the entire industry is following. Amazon made a good game plan by switching instead of fighting.

Container Standard Management System has become a huge talk among the large companies and that also for good reason. The container has replaced “virtual machines” because of its unique feature and flexible reasons. Container management system allows the user to perform and view transactions anywhere at any time. Software containers simply packs the code and sends it to the desired location that can be run be anywhere instead of sending the whole operating system or the software. Your application can be breakdown into smaller chunks that can make updates process easier.

Anyone can build their own tools on the common basis for managing containers where Google has built Kubernetes, Microsoft has built Azure Container Service and Red Hat has built OpenShift. Everyone builds a similar set of basic service and then they customize it in their own way.

It is been observed that the technology reaches its higher success when opted to standard as for how it has helped World Wide Web. There is a standard way of building websites and when the companies agrees with then everything falls into the right place. Amazon Web Services has come to know that how standard matters to them. 

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