Tuesday 29 August 2017

Amazon Elastic File System can be used to customize access permissions for shared directories

Amazon Web Service Elastic File System has come up with a new feature by supporting the Additional Permission on Directories with the use of Setgid. With this new release, the AWS customers can now customise their access permission in the shared directories on all the set of file system users. Files that are created in the directory will be connected to the group who are associated with it instead of the group getting associated in the directory where only when the particular user create the file when the set-gid permission is set. Sticky bit special permission on directories are used to restrict renaming and deletion of the files to the directory or to the owner or to the root user. Amazon Elastic File System now supports the running binary files which are set as execute only. With this new release, it enables you to set up the access permission for executable files so that they can only execute and not written or read.

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