Friday 1 September 2017

Amazon Customers can now extend their existing VPCs via Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Customers can now expand their Virtual Private Cloud by adding Secondary IPv4 address ranges (CIDRs) of their VPCs. With this new update, the customers can now add secondary CIDR blocks to the Virtual Private Cloud straight from the console or by utilizing the CLI after they have created the virtual private cloud with the primary CIDR block. Amazon Web Services, NAT Gateway, and Elastic Load Balancing supports Secondary CIDR blocks similarly how primary CIDR block is supported. With this new feature customer can benefits two ways that are First Customers who launch many resources on to their Virtual Private Cloud can now scale up VPCs on-demand. Second is that the customer need not allocate private IPv4 space on their VPCs because they can now only allocate what is currently needed at the time and can also expand it has needed. Customers can now easily manage their private IPv4 address space with this latest features. This new update is available now in all AWS regions except AWS China (Beijing) Region and GovCloud. There is also no additional charge for this feature.          

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