Monday 24 July 2017

Read-replica now supports Apache Flink 1.3.0 and Apache HBase S3 in Amazon EMR release 5.7.0

Read-replica Apache HBase clusters can now be created pointed to the same underlying HBase tables in Amazon S3 on Amazon EMR release 5.7.0. Apache HBase consists with a distributed, non-relational database which is built for random, steady consistent real-time access for a table with millions of columns and billions of rows.  Read-replica can increase the availability by creating HBase clusters in diverse Amazon EC2 Availability zones that read from the similar data set in Amazon S3. To set up HBase as a read-replica first enable read-replica in the HBase set up option and then specify the HBase root directory from the cluster in Amazon S3. Amazon EMR releases 5.7.0 are available in all the regions that support Amazon EMR.

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