Thursday 13 July 2017

Learn Step by Step on how to upload on Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is easy to use and is very popular among the cloud computing users. The Amazon Web Services users can store and upload any amount of data on their Amazon S3. During rare occurrences, if your data gets lost then storing any data on the cloud storage can be a huge advantage for you. For example, if there are calamities such as floods or a tsunami, then there is a huge chance of your server getting destroyed. Thus, storing on Cloud will not only help your data be safe but is also cost effective in storing data.

First, visit the AWS website:-

In a new browser URL box enter the AWS website, to proceed with the uploading procedure.

Create an AWS account:-

You will have to create an AWS account to avail all the benefits of Amazon S3. In the web page, you will find an icon stating ‘Create an AWS account’ which is at the top right corner of the page. After signing up you will be redirected to the registration form.

Enter the Email address or Mobile Number:-

You can sign up by providing any valid email address or mobile number. After registering to the account, you will have to sign into the account by providing the either of the two with the password.

Either log in or Sign up:-

 If you already have an account then you will need to sign up but if you are a new user      then you have to follow the sign-up procedure.

Filling up the Contact Details:-

AWS will ask you to fill your contact details such as your mobile number, address, email ID, etc. After filling up all the details you will have to click on the “Create account” and continue.

Enter your Credit Card information:-

Anyways, you have to provide your Credit card information even though if you’re using a free plan. In the field enter the billing address and credit card information and then click continue.

Verify Yourself:-

The number that you have provided will have to be verified so the AWS account will send a 4 digit pin verification code to the mobile number that you have provided. After entering the verification code that you have received on your mobile your AWS account will then active.

Choose your Select plan:-

There are Four Support plans which are the Free Plan, The Developer Plan, The Business Plan and the Enterprise Plan. The Developer Plan cost $49 a month so in that plan, you can ask technical questions and within 12 business hours you will get a response. The Business Plans will cost $100 a month where you will get a 24/7 phone and chat assistance with 1-hour response. The enterprise will not handle you the cost immediately because they will call and discuss your needs and with that, you will also get 15 minutes immediate response for the assistance from AWS.

A procedure of uploading the Data:-

Sign in to the AWS management console which will give you the ability to have a simple web-based interface for Amazon S3. Sign in by providing the email address and password.

Select Storage and Content Delivery:-

After signing in you will be then redirected to the AWS management console page. There you will find the option of Storage and Content Delivery under that there is S3.

Create the Bucket:-

In your Bucket, the data will be stored. You can create your own bucket by selecting the create bucket and you will then get a pop-up to enter the bucket name and the region.

Open the Bucket to upload:-

The buckets that you have created double-click it; you will see a blank page where there will be an option to create folders. Create a folder and then you can directly start uploading all your files and data. 

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