Friday, 14 July 2017

AWS configuration is now changed to AWS CloudFormation Stacks

AWS configuration will now be supporting tracking changes to AWS CloudFormation stacks. CloudFormation Stack is a set of a number of AWS resources which can be managed as a single unit. Amazon Web Services have released this so that the users can now deep dive into the historical configuration of CloudFormation stacks and can also review all changes that have been occurred. In AWS CloudFormation Stacks you can now identify how your stack policies were changed and also you can check the new and old updates that were made to the resources in the stack. If there are any changes to the system then you will be getting a simple notification through Amazon Simple Notification Service (AWS SNS). You can run a new managed Configuration rule to check if the CloudFormation is still sending notifications to the Amazon SNS topic. An AWS Config support AWS CloudFormation stacks is available in all AWS public regions. 

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