Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Adobe has come up in the market because of good sales strategy

Adobe has shown a continuous growth in their quarterly report where they have beat the analysts’ estimates for their sales and profit. Adobe had faced some stiff challenges when they moved to cloud-based subscription in 2017. But the company last year bought video advertising service Tube Mogul for estimation of $500 million and also had a deal with Microsoft to aid them to sell their marketing products.

Adobe’s share price have been raised from past 5 years to 350 percent which is a great hike and decent in the technology market. Analyst had estimated $1.73 billion for their second quarter but Adobe earned revenue to $1.77 billion with a climb of 27 percent. The Chief Financial Officer, Mark Garrett said that they had a great and strong strategic planning for the company to come up to this level.

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