Thursday 13 April 2017

Move to the Cloud to increase performance of the Business and save Cost

Cloud has been an attractive idea since last few years. But people hosting on premise or in data centers since ages are reluctant to shift to cloud just with the “name”.

We have been helping customers in various roles including Company Directors, COO’s, IT heads, Developers from a variety of verticals and industries to make a smooth shift, removing the hesitation and help grow their business.

cloud computing
Moving to cloud, doesn't literally mean just doing a lift and shit. The traditional architecture designed is as per the on premise/data centre procurement. There is a lot more to be thought of when moving to CLOUD.

Let’s have a look at one of the biggest consideration people have, the obvious one!

“Cost Consideration”

Total cost of Ownership would represent the entire operating cost for a solution, and is essential component of a business case.

When we consider cost, there could be two types of elements involved in the total cost of ownership :

  1. Tangible elements
  2. Non-Tangible elements

    Tangible Elements
    cloud benefits
    But wait, are these the only factors for consideration ?
    Yes there are, pure apples-to-apples comparisons of machines and infrastructure with on-premise environment is not the solution.The focus should not just be on pricing always, it should include non tangible elements also.

    Non Tangible Elements

    aws cost effective service
    With each on premise or data centre setup and infrastructure there are many factors involved. The infrastructure cost obviously eliminates but along with the power, cooling, insurance, real estate cost as well as maintenance of hardware and software. Since there Shared responsibility Model in place, lot of administrative tasks at the customer end are eliminated.

    A few more Add-ons :
    • Reserved Capacity Pricing
    • Spot Pricing
    • AWS tiered Pricing
    • Cost Benefits of Automation
    Is there something more ?
    Yes there is …
    • Cost of disappointed or lost customer
    • Quick and easy procurement
    • Cost of excess unused Capacity on shelf
    • Cost of resource shortfall
    • Business value increase in time

    Conclusion :
    Never just consider Tangible costs for complete TCO analysis before making decisions on Cloud adoption, it does come up with other intangible cost considerations !!

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